's live show is a careful mix of kooky original songs, crazy comedy and familiar sing along tunes performed only like Mr. Langham can. He plays a mean Ukulele, a wicked Guitar, sings with reckless abandon, is a masterful throat trompetist, and is quite the whistler.  He can also skip rocks. For many years he played under the name of Gilligan Stump!  but underwent a name change after a vision he had while lost in the desert.  His roots in the music business were sprouted in West Texas, fertilized in Austin, Tx. and his tree has grown like a weed rocking stages across the nation ever since.  He is now based in New York City where he lives on a sailboat with his lovely wife.  See what the press has had to say below.
"Leon Redbone meets Primus meets Kids-in-the-Hall meets Son-of-Sam." - Austin Chronicle

Picked BEST LOCAL SHOW! in The Austin Chronicle's Critic's Poll.
-Vol. 15 No. 18

"Langham is an extraordinary talent, and I'll be eager to see what he comes up with next." - nytheatre.com

"Don't be surprised if, the next time you see Langham, he's on Comedy Central, Mad TV, Saturday Night Live or a ''Wanted'' poster at the post office." - digitalcity.com

"Offering up one of the smartest, funniest shows in New York"
-Tom Penketh, Backstage

"I am now convinced that the end of the world is really upon us"
-Greg Emmanuel, TimeOut NY

"He performs a set of truly original music that reaffirms the blurry
line between the ingenious and the insane."
-Christine Arazi Carlson, Paper Magazine

"... had smoke bombs and pyrotechnics and some insane physical comedy that had
the crowd at the Pool [Esther's Follies] screaming by the end of the set."
-J.C. Shakespeare, Austin Chronicle

"This master of emotions is a mix of everything the Right does not want to hear."
-Jackie Blue, Texas Beat.

"Gilligan Stump! combines roughly played guitar and abrasive humor with a commanding voice,
an imposing presence, and synapses that fire faster than any bona fide smot poker's should."
-Christopher Hess, Austin Chronicle.

"Now shut up and listen to this genius!"
-Jon Berger, Antimatters
(The official paper of the Anti-Folk scene in NYC)

"Exceedingly unusual. Made the audience roar with laughter."
-Shilandra Woolridge, The Austin American Statesman