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Mr. Langham has no shows booked right now.  But, remember kids, he is writing custom ukulele songs for you or a loved one.  Write to him to find out more.

Mr. Langham's Super Amazing Upcoming Shows
Set List (Under Construction)

Original Songs

Yeah Alright
Big Star
The iPod song
The Cockroach Song
Burnified Smot Pokers
Economic Indicators
The Hillary Clinton Love Song
Children for a Day
You're so Good
The Picture
Dream within a Dream within a Dream
Naked Ladies
Don't Google Me
I wanna go back to Brooklyn
Hey Jerry Seinfeld
More than the Mountains
Administrative Assistant to the Machine
The Sidestep
Sex is Great
Fishing for Ideas
You're no fun to play board games with
Your Feel Good Song
Wendy's Song


Should I stay or Should I go? (Clash)
You Should be Dancing (Bee Gees)
Hello Again (Cars)
And She Was (Talking Heads)
Dancing with Myself (Billy Idol)
Ring of Fire (June Carter Cash)
Just what I needed (Cars)
Clay Pigeons (Blaze Foley)
Little Boxes (Malvina Reynolds)
I don't mind failing(Malvina Reynolds)
Pirate (Jimmy Buffet)
Another One Rides The Bus (Weird Al)
Irish Ballad (Tom Lehrer)
Irish Drinking Song (Flogging Mollys)
Survivor (Destiny's Child)
Shook me Allnight (ACDC)
Sedated (Ramones)
Hope I don't Fall in Love (Tom Waits)
Casey Jones (Grateful Dead)
Stairway to Heaven (just kidding)
Country Roads (John Denver)
Just Like Heaven (The Cure)
The Promise (When in Rome)
Just Can't Get Enough (Yaz)
Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Izz)
Blaze of Glory (Kenny Rogers)
Dear Abbey (John Prine)
Illegal Smile (John Prine)
Good People (Jack Johnson)
Stray Cat Strut (Stray Cats)
Istanbul was Constantinople (TMBG Version)